Sens.ùs is our invitation to connect with hairstylists around the world for a deep and meaningful dive into the universe of beauty.


We are the Color & Care House Brand supporting hair professionals in their day-to-day services through a comprehensive range of in-salon and at-home hair colour products, care treatments, and beauty, styling and finishing rituals.


Our Brand message is fully
captured in our new tagline:


We believe that the excellence of our products, the professional community, and the sense of belonging to the brand contribute to the creation of a deep connection with our partners – a relationship of complicity and belonging based on reliability and trust.


Sens.ùs is a global experience; internationalization is an integral part of our philosophy to create products and experiences in harmony with individual needs.




Sense embodies our mission to use colour, shape, texture, and the signature scent of our products to engage the creative side of our customers.




Connect represents the act of nurturing deeper, meaningful connections with our network of Partners around the world.
Sens.ùs encourages connection in a broader sense. It promotes a community where professionals and clients are bound by shared experiences and the love for colour and beauty.



To bring the excellence of our Color & Care products all across the world and grow our community without boundaries or limits, granting professionals worldwide access to a multitude of colours within an inclusive space of constant support and inspiration.




To offer a complete range of hair care and beauty products accessible to all and support our customers in their professional growth through learning pathways and business tools.






Offering products of impeccable quality that deliver safe and reliable performances is what drives our action. Each product is the result of accurate research conducted according to the industry’s highest standards. Our scrupulous attention to detail and quality generates constant and consistent results.




Our action is driven by our commitment to help build a responsible and conscious beauty industry rooted in the principles of respect, ethics, solidarity and sustainable development.




Growing and evolving together through mutual sharing and discussion.
This is the empathy that drives the relationships between the people orbiting the Sens.ùs universe. This is the only way to create an interconnected community built on deep and shared understanding, going beyond the transactional seller-customer relationship.




Join our community and share your experiences: let yourself be inspired by others who share your passion for the art of beauty.
Sens.ùs is an invitation to perceive, connect and celebrate beauty in every moment and it promises an engaging experience. It is a sensory journey where you are an essential piece of the narrative.



The Sens.ùs Academy delivers on our promise of excellence and education, for the growth of colourists and hairstylists.
This is the place where industry professionals gain access to advanced courses, interactive and immersive workshops, and state-of-the-art training and education resources.
Sens.ùs Academy is where you elevate your skills, but also the platform to connect with others, share experiences and build meaningful relationships in our community.




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