No Stress Spotlight

When your hair appears to be stressed and sensitive, use the illuminating No Stress Spotlight nutrient serum on dry hair and it will immediately regain its healthy look and return to being bright and shiny.

Pro Color Spotlight

If you want to give yet more brilliance to your colored hair, try Pro Color Spotlight, the illuminating serum to be used as the final touch on dry hair!


A new style is coming

TAB>U is the new range of styling products from Sens.ùs.Let your inner voice be heard. Everything you can’t say but want to.
And have to.


Light on your hair

The line of Illumyna treating products cover all needs for hair repair and maintenance. From shampoos, to maintain color maintenance, to restructuring “beauty masks” to restore hair to its natural beauty.


Technical Area

An exclusive range of products specially formulated for hairstylists that includes a wide selection of professional tools designed to meet all customer color and styling needs.


Sos Pure Gommage

Essential service for complete removal of free pigments following an SOS HAIR COLOR REMOVER application. Product that prepares the hair for technical coloring services.


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