Sens.ùs World

Sens.ùs World

The Sens.ùs World is an innovative philosophy in terms of work, as well as services and products that can help you find all-round solutions in your profession as hairdresser.

Sens.ùs Philosophy also extends to your customers’lives, proposing them outer beauty as a means of helping them to feel good about themselves and with the world around them.

In the Sens.ùs World you will never feel alone: you’ll be part of a close-knit group of professionals ready to assist you at any time.

The Sens.ùs World includes the cutting/coloring fashion collections that the Sens.ùs TEAM creates periodically with models “next door”. They are non-professional models, girls specifically chosen from our local areas as they look just like to your customers.

The Sens.ùs TEAM, in collaboration with Global Academy, organizes workshops throughout the year period in which you can recreate with your own hands the collections presented.

In the Sens.ùs Workd, Global Academy is the best way to acquire the Winning Working Method developed by Global Academy, a method that allows you and your employees to place yourself at the forefront in style, technique, creativity and communication.

The Sens.ùs World is completed with the presence of three areas of professional products: Technical Products, Caring Treatment Products and Styling Products. They are products designed and manufactured with ethics and with a respect for nature and people.

Global Academy and the Sens.ùs TEAM have always and effectively used these products and will be there to provide you with instructions, advice and assistance to achieve the desired results and for the resolution of any problem.

The Sens.ùs World also offers opportunities to travel abroad in order to attend international meetings that will enhance your professionalism as never before.

Join the New World! In the Sens.ùs World, thanks to the Winning Working Method developed by Global Academy and relying on your own technical expertise and on effective products, your customers too will be given the opportunity to undergo a transformation just like butterflies do: they will virtually be comfortable with themselves, with others and with the whole world.


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