Opera & Art


The new G&P Cosmetics art gallery had the honor of hosting 10 works from the Andy Warhol collection from 6 to 8 September 2013 with the kind permission of the Associazione Culturale Editebro. We dispel the myth that art is an elitist form of communication, disconnected from everyday life. Art communicates emotions and beauty for all to share. It conveys subjective messages and creates fascination and synergy.

Synergy: one of our favorite words and key for a company whose mission has always been the pursuit of harmony, balance and knowledge.

This is why we wanted to create unforgettable moments of creativity and beauty inside our very own production department that our employees, co-workers, customers, suppliers and all our visitors could enjoy by inaugurating “OPERA&ART”, a permanent art gallery to showcase the talent of unrivalled artists and promote it worldwide, starting from our area.


A corporate culture that aims to improve its working environment, create a sociable setting, be a source of inspiration and dialog between art, business and civil society.

The gallery is open to all artists who would like to exhibit their works and visits are by appointment.

A full schedule of the exhibitions planned for 2014 will be available from the end of the year.


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Gian Enrico Barbagli

Andy Warhol

Romano Boriosi

Riccardo Lorenzi

Walter Puppo