Hair Cut and Color Collections

Sens.ùs technical hairstyling TEAM periodically proposes, for you and your Salon, new cutting-edge hair fashion collections, both in color and style.

In line with the philosophy of Sens.ùs, which promotes being estetically beautiful suggests inner well-being. The models who have been chosen to take part in these collections are local girls from the Tiber Valley and not professional models.

Now the Sens.ùs World can help you make your customers happy too, by giving them a new outward appearance creating inner well-being: a renewed well-being with themselves for a renewed well-being with others.

Ultra Collection

Young, fun, and with a modern touch. That’s how Art Director Luigi Martini has defined the new Ultra  collection. A creative concept developed with the Sens.ùs international Creative team, with the aim of raising the bar even higher. Ultra  is a tribut …

The White Collection

“Respect” Luigi Martini, Artistic Director of Sens.ùs, and the Sens.ùs Creative Team have gone back to white in their research for the new spring/summer 2018 fashion collection. “A minimalist process that reduces reality, the emphasis created in the st …


Una guerra Total Black dove la donna è regina e combatte la sua supremazia su un territorio post industriale.


Bleach, a community that speaks the language of creativity. Bleach, the new Sens.ùs S/S 2017 collection by Luigi Martini and the International Creative Team.

Club to Club

“Club to Club” is the new Sens.ùs F/W 2016/17 collection created by Luigi Martini and developed in conjunction withthe Sens.ùs International Creative Team. “Club to Club” pays tribute to the extraordinary night scene and the clubbing

Stardust Collection

Stardust is the new Sens.ùs collection created by artistic director Luigi Martini and the Creative Team. A beautiful, eclectic journey into the future.

Wonderland Collection

A journey into the world of wonders in search of women with different souls. The Collection “Wonderland”, which marks the debut of the new Artistic Director LUIGI MARTINI and of the Master Team of SENS.ÙS®, is a tribute to the women of today who like to dare and express their individuality in a creative way.

Aura Collection

Aura represents connections, beams of electromagnetic waves that bring together women who are different but united around the totem of spirituality.

Balance Collection

Talent, artistry and great partenerships. An exceptional stylist. Pino Troncone attended the Tony&Guy School, then worked for Tony Rizzo and Anthony Mascolo. He became the artistic director of the Tony Rizzo franchise in Italy, later meeting Filipp …

Luxury Collection

Brought up in France, as a young boy Filippo Sepe dreamt of becoming a hairstylist and this was precisely what de did when he came back to Italy. His use of unique techniques allows him to gather up hait in particulast styles with fast, simple movement …

Balance So Cool Collection

Talent, artistry and great partnerships. An exceptional stylist. Pino Troncone attended the Tony&Guy school, then worked for Tony Rizzo and Anthony Mascolo. He became artistic director of the Tony Rizzo franchise in Italy, later meeting Filippo Sep …

White Style

A multifaceted woman whose life swings between angelic atmospheres and moments of redemption. A sophisticated woman walking a fine line between chaos and order, whose pure transparent look contrasts sharply with make-up and tattoos. Lightweight texture …

Street Style

A fashion that takes its inspiration from streetwear trends. A fashion whose cool, trendy personality comes across in a fresh, natural manner, so typical of youth culture. The homeless provide the main inspiration for this collection. Homeless fashion …

Dual Circle

This collection is inspired by the double superimposed circle. Color trends: red superimposed on brown or dark purple red; blondes in vogue, the browns expressed in light tones overlapping with warm and cool caramel shades. Result: feminine lines, posi …