Aura Collection


Shining perception … Radiating color

“Aura is a multiverse of magical energy”.
With these concise but powerful words, the artistic director, Luigi Martini, describes the new collection launched by the Master Team for fall-winter 2015/16.
“Aura is the embodiment of a physical and spiritual world inhabited by women who belong to different cultures, both ancient and modern, but who are perfectly able to
radiate magic and convey their mood to all”.

Aura represents connections, beams of electromagnetic waves that bring together women who are different but united around the totem of spirituality; feminine luminescent
representations where love fills the atmosphere and elegance is an attitude.
Aura goes from the past to the future in a flash, unveiling beautiful replicant women who yearn for an emotional microchip that will give them personal happiness. The magic
of Aura lies in its complex color codes whose interpretation can be found at the heart of every one of us and where beauty is so strong and radiant it is out of the ordinary.

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Sens.ùs Aura Collection Autunno/Inverno 2015/16 By Luigi Martini e il Master Team Sens.ùs, Photo by Nima Benati

Artistic Director: Luigi Martini
Photographer: Nima Benati
Tecnichal photo: Anna Cuzzolin
Video: Iconize
Creative Director: Gian Enrico Barbagli
Hair Concept: Luigi Martini and Master Team
Color Concept: Technical Team
Hair stylists: Luigi Martini, Chiara Bonacina, Mayla Fabbriciani, Enrico Franci, Joe Scollo
Technical Team: Giacomo Zanelli, Stefano Gagnoli
Make-Up Artist: Silvia Mangano
Nails Artists: Eva Bani and Marta Guerrini
Scenographer: Chiara Guadagnini
Models: Mila, Marika, alexandra, Caterine, Viktoriia
Location: G.F.A. Oriano Baraccani, Sansepolcro