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Sens.ùs MAN, or the Code for Men.
A code to communicate, a code for being liked, a code for liking, a code for men with a highly personal lifestyle who, while aware of the changing world, are not slaves to passing fashions, fads that last just one season.

Sens.ùs MAN is a range of coloring products for men that raises the bar in personal care. PPD Free formulas that are gentle on hair and a selection of shades that beat all others with their natural effect, white hair coverage and the ability to amaze.

As easy to use as a shampoo. Just apply at the shampoo bowl in the salon. Or in the shower at home. A pocket-size takeaway kit that is discreet, effective and always ready to use. A series of sophisticated, high performance, complementary products formulated for first-class maintenance, intensive hydration and style.

A total black range, with a soft touch, an experience that restores tone, revitalizes, provides energy and a visible, immediate and not showy anti-ageing effect.


This unique, modular process (from 1 to 10 minutes development time when washing) gives complete control over the final effect and no danger of the dreaded “wig effect” or the obviously dyed look. A range for any age that delivers the most natural effect possible.

TAURINE is an amino acid that SLOWS DOWN the ageing process as it COMBATS FREE RADICALS. This feature, together with its intense ENERGIZING action, helps reinforce hair, giving fiber new vitality.

The taurine in our products is not of animal origin but is synthesized inpharmaceutical laboratories without using any animal derivatives.